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You Can Always Crust a Friend

Dear members and friends of the Sodality of Charity,

September 5 will be the third anniversary of the foundation of our Sodality. We now have 46 enrolled members. Three years ago we started with 18 members, so membership has more than doubled. Of course we don’t want to grow for the sake of numbers, but so that we have a fervent group of children and young ladies who love Jesus and Mary, do acts of charity, and also have a fun time together.

I said Mass for our Sodality members, old and new, on August 4.

We had our last Sodality game night on August 18. It was again a fun-filled event for all, the adults, the Sodalists, and the other children alike. The next day we had our August monthly meeting. Mrs. Simpson’s sewing class offered a helping hand to Sister Eulalia with some hand towels to be used in the Masses at St. Gertrude. The main activity of the day was learning how to make pies, in preparation for our big Fall Festival next month. Last year we had many delicious entries, and this year I’m hoping that many of our Sodalists will enter the contest, too. The Sodalists gave their tryout pies to the boys of the Knights of the Sacred Heart to be judged. The winners were the cherry pie, made by Maria and Kate, and the butterscotch pie by Lucia and Tanya.

Catholic Family Podcast recently interviewed one of our parishioners, who runs Glorious Heritage Catholic Cartoons. Besides cartoons and books about Saints, he and his wife also run a chatroom. It is meant for kids, “sede kids” to be more precise, up to and including 17 years old, who are either homeschooled or go to a Catholic school. The chatroom is a great way for the children to find a place to talk with other kids, make new friends, and is good especially for those children who live far away from other Catholic families. The chatroom is monitored by the adults of the family who is running it. The members cannot post or share links and photos, but they can, besides chatting, play some online games together. You can find the contact info in the interview, from 40:30 onwards.

St. Genesius Films is preparing a movie about St. Philomena, starring Regina Petrizzi. The title is Day of Glory, and you can see the trailer on Vimeo. You can watch St. Genesius Films for free on YouTube, and listen to the producer/director Hannah Petrizzi’s interview on Catholic Family Podcast.

First Wednesday will be on September 6. Our next monthly meeting is on September 23, which is also an Ember Saturday. Luckily most of the Sodalists don’t need to worry about fasting. It is still a day of partial abstinence, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to observe. (Unless you plan to make a meat pie...) And the Fall Festival is on September 24.

Yours in Christ and Mary,

Fr. Lehtoranta


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