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Seminarian Sunday March 27

Seminarian Sunday

March 27, 2022

Ham with Potato casserole $5 a plate or $25 a family

Sweet Treat Bake Sale

Proceeds will help buy items needed for priesthood, chalice, vestments, etc.

Out of town faithful can participate too!

Monitory donations will be displayed by a large monstrance in the Social Hall. $5 donations will make a ray of the monstrance inscribed with your name. Larger donations will be represented by an angel, part of the monstrance or the host itself. This will be a floor to ceiling display!

Cash donations can be sent to the SGG office, 4900 Rialto Road, West Chester, OH 45069

Or use PayPal marked for Seminarian Monstrance Project

RAFFLE: $1 a ticket, or six for $5

Sales start March 2, Ash Wednesday

Have something to donate? Maybe grocery or gas gift cards?

Silent Auction Donations can be dropped off in the Social Hall on the pew at any time. Please mark them for Seminarian Sunday. Items don't have to be religious, just in good shape and desirable. If you have questions or large items, please contact


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