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Father Cekada's Books

Father Anthony Cekada, who died on September 11, 2020, was the Assistant Pastor of our Sodality’s home parish, St. Gertrude the Great Roman Catholic Church, from 1989 until his death. We have now published his collected writings in three volumes. The profits of the sales will go to the Sodality’s fund. Here’s a little video presentation from two of our members:

You can purchase the books from these links:


The three volumes are as follows:

This first volume of Father’s writings contains some of the “classics” of the Traditional movement, e.g. the famous “Letter of the Nine” to Archbishop Lefebvre. The thorough investigations about the controversial subjects like the Leonine Prayers and the Thuc consecrations later established Father’s reputation as the top-notch academic among the Sedevacantists.

In the 2000’s Father Cekada was crossing swords with many individuals and groups within the trad movement, including the Society of St. Pius V, Society of St. Pius X and newly revived Indult movement. Among his many research topics are the studies about the invalidity of the Paul VI new consecration rite of bishops and why sedevacantists cannot attend “una cum” Masses.

The third volume contains Father’s writings from his Quidlibet blog, published in years 2007-2019.

You can purchase the books individually from St. Jerome Library bookstore by clicking the links above. You can also buy all three volumes together from here.

If you wish to purchase more books which support the Sodality, click here.

Yours in Christ and Mary,

Fr. Vili Lehtoranta

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